Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 15

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You shouldn’t impose your point of view every time you have the chance. Your partner needs to express their opinion too, especially in those matters which affect the relationship.

You can’t even agree when it comes to deciding a holiday destination. If you talk calmly you will get to an agreement for sure.

Single Virgo, you will have to dodge some obstacles, probably put on your way by a person who is competing with you for the heart of a loved one.

You’ve got the chance to show that you’re really interested and would be able of anything in order to have this person by your side.

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You’re waiting for a meeting that might make you earn a lot of money. It’s a really tough negotiation which could end up benefitting you a lot if you’re able to deal sensibly.

In any case, from the first moment, you will feel a special connexion with your interlocutors, with whom you will talk with familiarity. You checked their curriculum on the internet before meeting them and you already know their likes beforehand.

With all this trouble in business, you will barely have time for the purchase of presents you have on your list. You could leave it for tomorrow, but you fear you will forget it too. It’s not a matter of money, but you will seem like a very tightfisted person.


Even if you’re protected by the stars when it comes to health and well-being, you are not supposed to relax either. Don’t pretend like you’re stronger than you actually are and stop your illnesses or viruses. If you go out the street without a coat, you’re very likely to catch a cold.

You should also be cautious when it comes to weight lifting. Lifting more kilos than your body can carry will make you feel discomfort on your back during some days. Ask for help if necessary or use a trolley. It’s about being practical.