Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 15

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Today Mars will put Virgos in danger; the happiness caused by the exteriorization of some primary carnal needs can end up in a problem when certain private conversations and secrets will come to light.

The stars recommend you to control your whims to satisfy your needs because they could threaten your relationship. If you weigh things up, you’ll realize that it’s not worth it, so you’d better put an end to this situation as soon as possible.

Beware of leaks on social networks, Virgo, take precautions and avoid exposing yourself.

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Today Virgos will be challenged at work. You’ll have to feel important, understand that you’re a part of a common project, of a collective enterprise.  Don’t be afraid to express your opinion, gain others’ confidence and play down the effect of criticism.

Also, in your relationship, the evolution of certain circumstances is having a special impact on your economy and, for some reason, the stars see a blockage in the expression of your opinions or in your participation in common economic strategies.

At work, as in your economy, you must feel you’re an important and necessary, but not essential and exclusive part of common tasks and collective projects which involve you directly or indirectly.  


For elderly Virgos this day may be full of stimulating challenges which will be interrupted by back and spine problems. The pain may be so severe that you’ll have to lie down for the rest of the day.

Repetitive backaches have to be treated by a doctor, who’ll prescribe the most appropriate therapy for the cure. Chiropractic treatments are the best for you.

For another part of Virgos, today the stars see a problem with alcohol, which is becoming more common than usual lately. You still have time to correct that behavior, don’t forget the dangers of certain addictions.