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The sky will make communication easy for the hearts, even if you can become speechless at some point, Virgo. Your heart will have to show in a non-verbal way all the feelings burning inside of you.

Thanks to the goddess Venus, some single Virgos will feel how they’ve started having an interest in someone who, in theory, they had never been interested in before.

You may have realized that the person you used to see as a friend could become something else in the near future. Would you be able to step forward and ask them to go on a date?

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Make sure you know all the possibilities you have to succeed in a given time. It is Sunday, but that doesn’t mean you must pause your dreams today!

The best way of getting things back to their place naturally will be spending some time working, even if it’s your free day.

You have many opportunities for prospering in society, escaping your routine and running to new paths that were not within your reach. Don’t be discouraged and don’t let your guard down, there’s nothing impossible for you.


Nervousness, agitation and mental stress are a burden you’ve had on you during last week and now appear to bother you a lot. You will have to put up some kind of resistance.

When things go out of your control, just go one step back and fix the disturbances. Correcting some mistakes will let you find a new balance, Virgo.

Some relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, progressive muscular relaxation and yoga will help you get back that serenity that sometimes seems to escape from you.

The discomfort you could feel in your body such a mild headache will be the result of this situation. Find some peace within yourself.