Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 16

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You will notice some strange behaviour in your partner that will make you feel jealous, you suspect they might be cheating with another person.

The situation can become so worrying that someone in your family will end up trying to help you. You will see that your thoughts are not a reflect of reality. In most occasions these things appear totally different when you look at them from another perspective.

Just as you have your friends, why shouldn’t your partner have theirs? You need to be fair and not judge your partner for doing things you also do, after all a relationship should be about being in the same condition, completely the same without a difference.

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You’re delighted after your effort to carry out a difficult project successfully has been recognised. It’s a pity that all this effort will just be rewarded with nice words and not a salary raise.

Right now companies value creativity and originality. If you ever think about changing jobs you won’t have any problem with finding a new one.

There will be a time when you will be fed up with comparisons. You always have to be compared to people who have been lucky when it comes to money. They enjoy a high status and everyone is jealous of them. You know there are many ways of attracting money but you don’t give so much importance to materialism.


Thanks to the influence of the Sun you will get rid of many fears and you will try new daring activities you had never done before. You will end up trying paragliding or ultralight aviation in an effort to feel freedom.

After a long time of stress you start feeling your hair growing back to normality, it’s recovering and grows stronger and with more volume. It’s possible those hair products you’ve been using have helped too.

In any case, when this happens you should go to a doctor so they offer you a solution.