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Pay attention to everything your partner tells you. They'll tell you a lot about their tastes and hobbies, but they're only suggesting what they want as a gift for their next birthday or anniversary. It's a hint you can't get.

In order not to disappoint them when the time comes, you should write down everything they say Instead of doing it in a notebook, it is always better to do it on your mobile and also set an alarm to be aware.

Virgo, sometimes you get lost because you have a lot of things on your mind, but this can not happen to you.

Knowing your partner better will make the relationship work much better. Don't disconnect so easily when they talk to you.


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You don't have money problems, but you want to take advantage of the situation to get a reduction in your house rent or mortgage payment. You will threaten your landlord with finding you another, cheaper home and they will have to choose between reducing it or losing a good payer.

Also, in your intention to reduce expenses you will be kept informed to access all kinds of aid by the administration. You will have to gather a lot of paperwork to meet the demands, but it will be worth it after so much effort.

At work do not rush with the tasks, because the important thing is that they are done well. No matter how much the bosses insist, in the end you will end up presenting the project when you can and not when they want.


Prepare to suffer slight discomfort in the mouth, possibly the result of a badly placed filling or a tooth in poor condition. Even if you still care about it now, in the future it may cause you a bigger problem. So don't leave it in oblivion and go to the dentist.

It's okay to exercise, but it's not a question of overdoing it with time and intensity, especially if your body is not adapted to such efforts. Start by warming up and go from less to more in preparation, reserving a few minutes at the end of the session for stretching.