Virgo Daily Horoscope for June 17

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Virgo Daily Horoscope |

- Love
- Money
- Health



You need to be a bit more daring when it comes to love. You are always in the background, waiting to your partner’s initiative. You probably fear disappointing them or screwing, and that’s why you have this attitude.

Use the energy of the stars, today is a good day to ask your partner to live together, or even to talk about making the family grow. Your partner will be surprised at first, but you will probably receive a positive answer.

Single Virgo, you have lots of admirers right now but you don’t seem to be willing to give your heart to anyone. You’d rather enjoy the calm and solitude granted by single life. Be clear and honest when you meet someone who might be willing to begin a relationship with you.

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You’ve considered traveling in some weeks but you’ll buy the plane tickets now in order to save some money and secure the reservation of accommodation. It might seem a bit risky, but it will be worth it because there shouldn’t be any impediment that is going to prevent you from traveling the dates you’ve chosen.

You’ll receive some job offers, but before you make a decision you will ask for the opinion of your relatives, especially if you have some doubts. Is it worthwhile to travel several kilometres every day in order to earn some more money? With the other option, you might have a lower salary, but at least your job would be closer from home.

It’s a good day for those who have an exam. After so much studying it’s time you put on a paper all the knowledge you’ve got. It will be easier than you thought.


There’s something that worries you and you don’t want to share it with your loved ones so it doesn’t affect them. You suffer in silence and this can prevent you from sleeping well. You wake up at night, nervous, and thinking about the possible solutions.

This can end up affecting your appearance and those around you will let you know. They’ve noticed the bags under your eyes and the extra pounds you’ve gained, you’ve been binge eating lately because of the anxiety.

You could eat some nuts, especially walnuts, they are very beneficial for your health and they will help you these days you feel forgetful and with memory problems.