Virgo Daily Horoscope for May 17

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You are not one of the clumsiest signs of the zodiac, but sometimes you’re a little bit rough when it comes to giving bad news. If you want a break from your relationship or you want to split up with someone, it’s better if you do it face to face, and not through a text message.

You might have seen something you didn’t like about your partner which made you change your opinion about them. Maybe you’re being too radical when making your decisions, see if you can find a solution with just a conversation.

There’s a lot of people around you trying to convince you to start a new life by yourself, but with time you will realize this could be a huge mistake.

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You should analyse what really pays more, going to work by car or using public transport. Gasoline, parking, car maintenance…you spend a lot of money every month.

You might spend more time commuting if you use public transport, but in the end, it will be worth the savings.

You should consider using a price comparison site on the Internet next time you think about buying an insurance or a trendy item. Apart from getting instant advantageous rates, they will also make it easy for you to purchase from the same platform, so you won’t have the need to look for that product in different shops.


Take advantage of the first sun rays to go to the beach or walk through the mountain. Contact with nature gives you an unusual energy. It charges the batteries of your organism.

Whether you believe it or not, the sun has a lot of benefits for your health, but always remember to use a sunscreen. That discomfort you felt on your back will diminish and you’ll have a beautiful tan. Your friends will be jealous!

If you want to lose weight you need a change in your lifestyle and strong willpower. You will even end up rejecting invitations to eat out or dance with your friends.