Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




The influence of the Moon brings you illusion and you will feel really sensitive. You might even fall in love with someone around you. You only thought of this person as a friend or acquaintance, but now you’ve got to know them, they have been able to seduce you.

Those with a partner and think about cheating on them, you should think about it, especially now that you are in a state of sentimental instability, which has cost you a long way to arrive.

If you’ve been a long time without visiting your closest relatives, today could be a good day to do it. Your social and work commitments are driving you away from them and they will be happy to see you remember them.

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You will have the opportunity of selling or renting a property that’s in your hands and that will bring you an important amount of money. Anyway, don’t celebrate anything until you’ve signed all the papers and collected all the money.

Risk and adventure make you feel important and that’s why you will bet on a decaying business. Maybe you consider you have enough potential to keep it afloat with lots of effort. Don’t expect any gain in such a short period of time.

Workmates of your same sex will help you get great advances. You will make a good team together and you will probably forget some little quarrels from the past that had damaged the relationship.


You’re a little bit concerned because you feel very distracted and you forget things very often. Don't you think you've been taking too many responsibilities lately? Your head can’t take any more stress. You will use some days to relax and you will get to see things from a different perspective.

Be careful with temperature changes, especially if you enter some shopping centre where the heating and the air conditioner can take a toll on your throat.

You should start adding some foods to your diet, such as fruit or nuts. They are a perfect option to snack without gaining weight. Of course, always eat the right amount, without excesses.