Virgo Daily Horoscope |



In love, Virgo treasure today a very special light to help the people around them to see the things that darkness prevents them from seeing. In that sense, it is important that you free yourself from the negative energies that can block your channels.

The main obstacle to this are heart problems. And is that the stars foresee a sad and difficult day for Virgo in love, who will see how the marital relationship staggers.

That love story that has been so hard to raise is in danger, and you have to find again what managed to unite you.


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The day can be very productive for Virgo, marking a before and after in the work and student environment. It is a day in which the stars send you a special source of clairvoyance, a very useful lucidity to mark preferences in the immediate future.

If you're working, maybe you should rethink whether it's the job that really helps you get the most out of yourself. Setting wishes and preferences helps you find the perfect job for your needs.

If you're hesitating between work and school, today is the day to look at the pros and cons and make an important decision. If you are studying, you may need to reorient your lines of research or decide what you really want to study. Be guided by your head, not your heart.


These days you have been able to enjoy a more or less stable state of health, although some symptoms already indicated the beginning of a phase of weakness that takes you, on this Friday, according to the astral prediction, to your lowest levels of defenses. 

The main guidelines to recover is to drink plenty of water, because it helps to eliminate toxins and makes your defensive system dedicated to microbes, drink a lot of lemon, which is a natural ingredient essential for defenses, many nuts and iron-high foods.

To speed up the process of boosting your immunity, you can also resort to very effective rituals such as burning incense around a quartz stone, which naturally attracts energy.