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You have managed to harmonize your relationship with the people around you in such a successful way that you have gone from feeling a slave of the people you love to feeling that you are truly someone very important to them. And that's because your being has evolved, and now you shine with more light.

The next step is to improve the way you express your emotions, to learn to communicate your feelings without modesty or reserve. Saying what you feel helps others to know you better.

You can start by creating an intimate atmosphere with a good friend and sincerity, confess everything you dare not tell anyone.


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In the midst of the process of regaining motivation at work, perfecting your skills and becoming a more competitive worker, the stars announce that today they are getting recognition for the performance of your tasks, which gives you new strength to keep improving.

In some cases, moreover, the good news for Virgo in the workplace doesn't end there. And it is that the recognition will not remain only in words, but that you will receive improvements in your working conditions.

Consistency and improvement are the only way to maintain those positive things that are coming to you, and also to feel more satisfied with yourself. That will, in fact, be your greatest reward.


You may have heard of gem-therapy, Virgo, that technique that consists of improving your state of health through stones and crystals. It is a very effective method that works whenever it is used as a complement to the doctor's prescriptions for serious health problems.

Used as a complement, gem-therapy can improve all aspects of your physical and mental state, the energy with which you face life. You just have to put all your faith and open yourself to a piece of new knowledge.

With gem-therapy, you will be able to reduce stress and find physical and mental balance. Thus, for example, garnet is very suitable for people suffering from depression or exhaustion, while diamond relieves fever and is very beneficial for the eyes. Learn more about gem-therapy and take advantage of its uses.