Virgo Daily Horoscope |



The beginning of the year is not being as promising as you‘ve expected when it comes to your feelings, social relationships and your life as a couple. For the single Virgos today will be a bad day; bad luck in a romantic conquest will lead to the drop of self-esteem.

You need to regain your confidence and stop focusing on love.

On the other hand, you‘ll find out some secrets you‘ll wish you haven‘t. You’ll see what the truth can hurt and how it can break your heart. However, the stars will help you discover the source of power within you, your maturity and ability to cope.

Show yourself that others’ mistakes cannot break what you’ve been building inside for so long, that inner serenity that makes you stronger. Sensitivity makes you human, Virgo, but also more vulnerable.

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The concept of effort, dedication and perseverance will take on another meaning. Work is not only something you do for others, but also things you do for your family and yourself, things you build with all your passion regardless of your obligations.

Although today you might feel mentally tired and frustrated at work, doing tasks that you enjoy most can make you feel more dynamic and optimistic. You’ll feel useful doing something you like.

However, your work today requires more self-control and discipline. You don’t have to contradict every order you receive.


Deep sadness and melancholy will weaken your organism that is evolving towards a progressive loss of strength and tools it has to fight infections and pains.

The stars advise you to check your body for possible problems and start treating them, especially in the head area. Check your teeth, your eyesight, and if you have a problem, start an immediate treatment.