Virgo Daily Horoscope for July 2

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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Today you will go through different moods. There’s a thin line between making up and getting angry, just a little gesture or a simple misunderstanding. You will take everything to the extreme, there’s no middle point for you.

You believe this is something positive as you feel this behaviour is a result of how involved you are with the relationship. All the arguments you start are because of your obsession to improve.

Unlike your partner, you do trust them. The evidence is you don’t spy on them when talking on the phone and you don’t check their Whatsapp to read their messages. It’s a way of not getting in trouble.

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Get ready to have a very interesting meeting with an important person who will be testing you without you knowing it. Maybe in the future they will contact you to join their company.

You know you’re good at dealing with many different issues and you don’t overthink it when it’s time to give an answer. The day you receive such a good offer you can’t reject could be today.

After saving some money you want to buy that treat you’ve been thinking about for so long. You will have to pay an important sum but you will check the second hand options in case you can find it half priced and in a good state.


You sixth sense will come to light today. You will be able to avoid toxic people who come into your life with bad intentions.

You’re going to feel nostalgic and you could even shed a tear. You have really good memories from a person who is not here anymore and you tend to think about this person when you’re feeling down. You always felt supported as they were always available for you at any time.

You will dream with something that will happen in the future, such as the end of the world, but you will keep these predictions for yourself as you don’t want people to call you mad.

You always give the same excuse not to go to the gym: you don’t have time. If it were true, you could always exercise at home by doing some crunches and sit-ups.