Virgo Daily Horoscope for June 2

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The influence of the Moon will cause some uncertainties on Virgo, this will make you be more jealous than usual. You will be suspicious about every conversation your partner has with other people.

If you’re not able to control this attitude you will obviously end up arguing with your partner, who doesn’t understand why you’re feeling so jealous. After thinking about it for a while you will realize the big mistake you’ve committed and you’ll end up apologising.

Sometimes, you let some friends’ comments influence you, instead of helping you they only get to disturb your stability. At some point, you’ll realize the harm these people cause with their envy.

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You don’t know how to change your daily life, you can’t stand doing the same every day. Your job is very monotonous and you need some intensity, something that leads you to experiencing stronger emotions.

Use the influence of Jupiter in your sign and you’ll be able to do everything you want. You won’t give up, no matter how complicated things get. Right now, you've decided to find something better, something that lets you grow professionally.

Don’t make your future intentions public, especially when you have a new project, there’s always going to be somebody willing to take advantage of you or stealing your idea. Right now, your path has to be walked alone, not in group.


You could suffer a strong earache for a couple of days. Ask your doctor to prescribe something to ease the pain. Don’t commit the mistake of self-medicating again.

Physical exercise must always be present in your daily routine, but always with control. Giving it all in the gym one day and not visiting it for a week is completely useless. Consistency is key and you’re not being consistent, maybe you need more time, maybe you’re just lazy.

Try to reduce your fat and salt intake, don’t use so much oil when cooking. Find substitutes that allow you to have a healthier diet without having to sacrifice the flavour of your dishes.