Virgo Daily Horoscope for March 2

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Virgo, why do you attach so much importance to day-to-day discussions? These are small differences between you and your partner, but don't be alarmed either. It's a logical part of a relationship.

The rage lasts for several hours and in the end yours ends up resenting. You have to start taking life more calmly.

Remember that everything is solved by talking and more with your partner, who is always very dialoguing, but especially willing to listen to you. Do not keep anything inside, try to express all your feelings. Only then will the other party be able to get to know you better and act accordingly.


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When you have a money problem you can always count on the help of a friend, who is always willing to help you. They know that sooner or later you will end up repaying the loan.

In some cases, you've even had to give up certain valuable items in your home to pay off your debt. You never want to look bad with anyone.

You've come to this delicate situation because you live above your means and the money you earn at work doesn't give you everything. Either you are looking for a new source of income or you will end up getting used to always living with water around your neck.


You worry a lot about others, but it seems that this affection is not always reciprocal. Who takes care of you when you get sick? Today you will visit a family member who is in the hospital or at home with discomfort.

They will be very grateful for your presence, but they need a lot of tranquillity to recover as soon as possible. You will spend a few minutes with that person and wish him/her a speedy recovery.

When you get home you will realize how lucky you are not to have any health problem. You wish it were always like this!