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Sometimes you feel your partner doesn’t understand you and is not there when you need their help. You don’t know how to tell them because you know they won’t like to hear that.

If you continue keeping these things to yourself you will end up exploding and your relationship will definitely be one of the collateral damages.

Sometimes you wonder how is it possible to keep this person by your side when they don’t actually bring anything positive to you. You feel your relationship had come to an end a long time ago and there’s nothing you can do to make love flourish again.

Think carefully before doing anything, consider the pros and cons of leaving your partner.

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A family member is in debt with someone and you will have to stand some comments that will make you feel uncomfortable. Don’t be surprised if they end up asking you the money, just try to refuse it with diplomacy.

You’re not willing to pay for other people’s problems and you will let this person know. It’s probable that you’ve lent them money before and they haven’t paid you back, that’s why this time you will react with indifference.

Your financial situation is really good now, there’s no need for a spell to attract money.

You’re feeling more and more useful in your job, you’re asked high responsibility tasks and you are capable of showing your value. You had been working in secondary tasks up to the moment, so take advantage of the opportunity you had been asking for so long.


You will feel especially sad today. You believe the past was much better than the present, and you might be right. But the possibility of changing this mind-set is in your hands. Try you best and get the best version of yourself back, Virgo.

You need to find a hobby that lets you meet new people, someone with the same interests as you. You spend too much time alone and remember that all this time you don’t spend with others you will spend it thinking about and giving importance to trivial daily issues.

If you practice some exercise today you will feel really sore tomorrow. It’s normal, you don’t need to worry about this, especially now that you’ve spend some time without working out. You will feel much better and lighter and you won’t find it difficult to climb up the stairs anymore.