Virgo Daily Horoscope |




You will receive a call from a person who lives very far from you and this will leave you a feeling of nostalgia. You keep in touch regularly, but you would love to be able to hug them and be able to talk face to face.

You can’t continue giving in to this sadness, it can end up filling your life with negativity. There’s plenty of people around you who are willing to help. It’s just a matter of opening your eyes and you will see how much your closest family loves you.

Your friends group is already closed and you’re not willing to let more people in this group, it doesn’t matter how many new people appear in your life.

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Your job has become very monotonous and you’ve probably started doing the tasks very automatically. Be careful, as you can commit some mistake if you don’t pay enough attention.

Some issues you have been postponing might end up becoming a problem. You can’t wait until the last minute to  pay the bills. If you have the money, don’t hesitate and pay your debts. You will feel great relief.

Maybe it’s not the best time to ask for a raise, there’s a strange feeling in the office and you’d better wait until everything goes back to normal.


You will enrol a course or a workshop of painting or poetry in order to keep your mind active. You want to work your artistic skills a little bit more and you will totally use your free time.

Practicing some yoga or doodling on a blank paper might be of great help when you come back home stressed after a long day. You want to switch off from your problems without much effort just by doing something simple.

You will try to be careful with your food in order to keep yourself fit, so tonight you will just have a simple salad with vegetables, no sauces nor proteins.