Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 21

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You enter a particularly hectic phase in terms of emotions, but not in the realm of love. In fact, if you are single you will feel a tranquillity in your soul, while if you have a partner your conjugal relationship goes through a phase of relaxation.

However, your social life is somewhat altered and during today you will feel that the people closest to you are moving away as new friends enter your life that make you feel comforted. 

This is something very normal, Virgo, because although you love the people around you, your life is constantly evolving and people and their energies flow around you capriciously.


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During today you will be attracted by a current of insecurity in the face of rumors of layoffs at work. Even if the information is not true, it creates an atmosphere of unrest that can unleash panic. The most important thing is to maintain your routines and wait.

Now it is more important than ever that you show yourself submissive and disciplined, before the warning of the stars of the bursting of certain rebellious impulses within you. This is no time for attention.

In addition to going unnoticed at work and increasing the efficiency of your work, you must take into account this Monday the forecast of the stars for your finances, because they warn a brake on your investments that leads to assume a more conservative strategy. Wait for the right moment to revitalize your economy.


In the midst of a time of change, the transformation of your routines results in a general imbalance in your life that can damage your body, causing some stomach irregularities today with frequent visits to the bathroom. 

When you suffer some important changes in your life, you have to pay more attention to the care of your body, because the physical is the first thing that suffers before changes in schedules or nerves. 

The most important thing is that you return to assume some routines as soon as possible, that you are able to sleep the hours that your body needs and do not forget to eat when you play with light diets. Having fixed schedules helps you plan those things that are essential for taking care of your body.