Virgo Daily Horoscope for June 21

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The position of certain planets will turn you into a very irritable person. You will be bothered by anything your partner does, even if they’re not doing anything beyond their usual routine.

Maybe you should find the cause of these reactions inside of yourself instead of blaming your partner for your problems. Your partner is going to step back and ignore your comments in order not to generate a greater conflict.

Real life love stories have nothing to do with the sugar-coated films we watch. Thinking that someone who once was part of your life will go back someday to love you again is nothing but a dream. Don’t waste your time waiting for that person, even if you think it’s the love that will change your life.

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You aren’t desperate to get money, but you think you could get good value for a collector’s item you have stored somewhere in your house, anyway, you don’t even use it. You should try to sell it before it deteriorates.

You will be able to treat yourself with the money you get back. Maybe you could go on a trip or have a nice meal with your family.

Remember that even if you have the intention of getting rid of that item you don’t want to give it away. A lot of people will try to haggle for that object, so set a price and don’t move it. Someone who really wants it will be willing to pay the amount you’ve established.


Your mood is similar to a rollercoaster today. You’ll start the day at the top, cheerful and willing to eat the world, but as the day passes you will lose that energy until you get to the bottom.

Try to keep yourself stable, Virgo. Meet your loved ones and, if you need to talk to someone, try to vent with someone you trust, someone able to listen to you and give you useful advice.

These past days you’ve exceeded a little bit eating red meat. You should also include some fish and vegetables in your diet. The key to a good diet is finding a balance.