Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




Listen to the good ideas you have if you want to seduce your partner again. Don’t make up a story coated in sugar, remember that humour is the best tool to make them fall in love again with you.

Every opportunity you find will be good to prepare a surprise, the Stars will give you all the tools you need to carry out all your plans.

If single, you will feel like the protagonist of a horror story because when you go out you will find vampires and witches everywhere. There aren’t many interesting people to seduce this midweek.

You will reject commitment and finding your perfect match will be really difficult. You will be very nonconformist and something that might have pleased you in the past seems like a total mistake today.

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It was about time you had good news in the financial area of your life! Today it’s a good day to ask any financial question. It’s time you dive into your accounts and find out how your money flies away from you.

Maybe there are subscriptions you haven’t cancelled yet and you keep paying for every month, such as a social club you never visit anymore.

It’s also a good moment to plan a new business, or finish some annoying situations once and for all. That means, if you can’t stand your job and have a better offer (or even a similar one than your current job), just go for it, say that you’re leaving and let them prepare all the paperwork you will have to sign.

If you work in finances or accounting, you will be really effective. The numbers will seem like magic for you, the sums will be solved almost by themselves and your task at work will be totally efficient.


Be careful with food related diseases, such as salmonellosis.

This is directly associated with eggs but you can also find it by eating meat, fruit or vegetables that haven’t been properly washed.

Drink plenty of water during the day, your kidneys will thank you for it.

Take advantage of your free time and nourish your soul with spiritual and personal growth books. Of course, a classical novel won’t be a bad option either.