Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 22

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You are desperate to see how even though you try to change those aspects of yourself that you don't like and be a more communicative and sociable person, others don't see the efforts you make. However, with patience you will notice the effects of the change.

It is not that you are on the wrong path, Virgo, but that the astral forces do not favor the convergence of your renewed energies with the people around you.

However, the magnetism that you are developing by giving more shine to your natural Virgo personality will sooner or later attract the attention of others.


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Believing in what you do is only possible if you are satisfied with what you do, and that starts, above all, from the possibility of enjoying your work. Compulsory work is heavy, boring and requires a constant search for motivation which, however, will always be imposed.

On the other hand, working from what you want is a luxury that allows you to motivate naturally and enhance all your skills, which are many. Putting all your energy into what you do makes you succeed.

Now is the time to move towards a convergence between work and passion, between vocation and profession. Fullness and personal satisfaction depend on achieving this.


Today everything starts with the feet, Virgo. Did you know that the position of the feet affects the rest of the body? That's why one of the simplest and cheapest ways to start exercising is through the position of your feet. You will see how your physical, mental and emotional health improves.

Walking, without going any further, activates the brain and dynamizes the body, but many people do not do it because of pain in the back or knees. And the way to correct it is through the position of the feet.

The footwear is a fundamental element, and we must avoid that the toes pile up and remain without contact with the ground, which forces the plantar zone to make too much effort. A correct balance of all the parts of the foot in its distribution and contact facilitates the position of the whole body.