Virgo Daily Horoscope |




All your plans will be ruined, Virgo. The events or activities you were about to carry out with your partner this Friday won’t happen because you won’t feel like doing them or your partner could have some unexpected event (or maybe it’s just laziness).

There will be disappointment, and even if there won’t be any argument about it, it will be all about sad looks and sad faces all day.

If you’re single and you get to go on a date, it will be really chaotic. Maybe you will be dumped once you arrive to the meeting place with a bouquet in your hands.

If you’re a parent you will have to interfere in a conflict between your children, they will stop talking to each other for silly reasons that will seem very important to them. Good luck on your role as a mediator.

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The Stars will inspire to work hard today, but recognition will be more important than money for you.

You want to feel other’s appreciation, applause, a pat on the back… more than holidays, extra money at the end of the month or payments of any type. However, remember that fame doesn’t pay your bills.

Don’t leave for next week (or September, which is almost the same) those projects you can begin today. You need to time to make those great ideas happen, so don’t waste this time that won’t come back.


Mercury is responsible of your health and will help you smile again if you’ve been (or are still) going through a bad patch.

Your soul will be healthy because you will see how your friends are tolerant, understanding and relaxed with your situation.

This way, your well-being will improve as long as you take your limitations seriously. They’re there and you shouldn’t ignore them.

The weekend is almost here so try to exercise a little bit now because you know that on Saturday and Sunday you won’t have a lot of time for it. You can work out at home!