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You're very much in love with the person you just met. In fact you think that person is your soul mate, but in a relationship you have to be more cautious. Everything that starts well can change in a matter of days.

Bet on going slower and do not ask them to move in together, as most likely that will push them away from you.

At the moment there is a lot of passion between you two and in the intimacy you understand each other perfectly, but do not rush the deadlines. Even if the heart tells you one thing, you must also listen to the head, which will be responsible for providing common sense.


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You can improve your income with the help of Jupiter. The games of chance will be positioned in your favor and any lottery participation you buy will be beneficial to you.

But control your impulses. A good streak doesn't mean you're free to play all the money you've accumulated, because sooner or later you'll end up losing it. You have to put an end to any game and be able to do it when you're making money.

Virgo, if necessary to improve your economy, do not hesitate to ask the administration or any association a bonus or help to help you make certain routine payments.


For a while you led a somewhat uncontrolled life, where you ate anything and didn't sleep the hours necessary to perform 100%. Now you've realized how important it is to take care of yourself. You'll start paying more attention to your doctor's advice.

First of all, you will start to take care of your diet, as the kilos you have gained start to cause mobility problems. You'll eat a lot more protein and reduce your carbohydrate intake. By the way, try to make both fish and meat white, especially because they have less fat.