Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 23

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The sentimental life of Virgo suffers a little jolt during today for not telling the whole truth about some issues. Secrecy can be the origin of a strong argument that puts at risk the stability of the couple. 

For those Virgo who are single, this Wednesday will be a day especially inspired to recover some self-esteem and consolidate that attitude of security and firmness that makes you a real conqueror. The stars offer very positive energies to highlight your attraction.

Emotionally, the day will be marked by instability, in which you have to get the positive feelings imposed.


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Virgo are especially gifted these days for intellectual tasks. If you are able to get rid of the physical discomfort that haunts you, and clear your mind, you may have at your disposal a special lucidity for study and research. 

However, there are certain reluctances that slow down your impulse to advance in study, so you must be especially tenacious and increase your concentration. You have to do your part to use time productively. If you put a little of your interest, the stars will do the rest.

At work you also have to do a little more of your part, evolve in the way you do things and recover your more perfectionist side. Whether you study or work, dare to dream big.


On this Wednesday, the possibilities of facing the daily challenges with plenitude are to avoid the viral diseases that the stars foresee by a general fall of the immune system. The sensation of discomfort will leave you physically weak and mentally exhausted.

The carelessness when going out with wet hair or sleeping unprotected will make you catch one of those colds that end up complicating your day with annoying headaches, heaviness in the muscles and throat pain. All of this can be accompanied by a high fever. 

Remember, Virgo, that fever is a defense mechanism that your body uses against bacteria, and that you should wait a little before administering medication to reduce the temperature.