Virgo Daily Horoscope for June 23

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Jealousy can do a lot of damage to a relationship. If you really love your partner you must trust them, and if they talk to other people it doesn’t mean they’re going to cheat on you.

The energy of the stars will make you irresistible today, you won’t go unnoticed by others. Everybody is going to look at you when you pass by. You must take advantage of this streak to meet new people.

Expanding your list of contacts is always something positive, especially when looking at the future. You never know who can help you later in life. The more friends and acquaintances you have, the better.

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You’re obsessed with money and that’s why you are going to check to the detail the price of what you want to buy. You will go through different supermarkets in order to find offers and you will use the coupons and discounts you are given.

Get ready to face an argument at work. It won’t affect you directly, but you will try to interfere to make peace. You can’t stand it when there’s a bad atmosphere at work and you will do what you can to make things go back to normal.

Believe it or not, this is going to affect the productivity of the workers and your bosses will have to call your attention, they seem worried about the diminishing benefits.


 You need some order in your life. You don’t have a timetable to eat or to sleep. You only eat when you feel hungry and you go to bed after midnight when you’re supposed to get up early the morning after.

Virgo, try to sit down and have breakfast with someone whenever you can, this way you’re not going to gobble down all the food in a minute. You will be more likely to have a conversation and this will make your breakfast time a bit slower.

Be careful with the air conditioning whenever you enter somewhere, being it a bus or a shop. Your throat can feel the negative effects of the cooling, even if it seems a pleasant sensation when the temperature outside rises above 25 degrees.