Magical Horoscope 7
Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope





Some aspects of your life should remain private, inside the intimacy of your own home. It would be a great mistake if you started telling family and friends some details about your love life. This could put your partner in a bad situation and there would be enough reasons to be angry with you.

Sometimes you feel that externalize your feelings is the best way to feel in peace, that’s why you act this way.

But at the end of the day you are going to feel frustrated, especially because you don’t feel like you’re advancing in your goals, days pass by and you’re not getting closer. You dream about that person you like so much, but probably you don’t have them by your side right now.

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You must be as honest as you can with your company. Once you’ve proved your commitment it’s time to ask for better conditions. You feel you’re not valued and a little raise could help calm this feeling of nonconformity that has invaded you lately.

You will probably receive a negative answer, but this isn’t a reason to feel bad, especially because now many doors will be opened for you. Great projects are waiting for you somewhere else, just look for them.

If you haven’t considered changing jobs, you’re wasting your time. Once somebody knows your situation, you will be offered an opportunity you won’t be able to reject.


Reading about your health and finding information is a good start, but Internet is full of information you won’t understand. There are so many technical words you don’t understand that you will end up more confused than you were at the beginning.

You think that everything you need in order to heal some health problems can be found in books and websites, but you shouldn’t act so independently, after all you shouldn’t underestimate the job doctors do.

You need to switch off some days. Maybe a weekend away or visiting a friend in another city will be the help you need in order to deal with your problems with more optimism.