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You won't always find love next to your house. Some time ago you met a person who lived far away from you and now you are willing to take up that relationship you had left halfway.

Possibly you're sorry for that, but you think you're still in time to put solution. It will be the perfect couple for you.

You must value many things. Among other things if you'll be willing to live without having them close to you and to relate virtually via the Internet. You will try to prove it, but you are not completely convinced. The other option you have is to go and live near them, but for that you would have to leave your current life and change it for a new one in a different city.

Are you willing to do that?


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Virgo, right now you have an important mattress saved and that will allow you to spend more money than usual. Seeing you in new clothes and shoes will make people think you're indulging too many whims, but they may not be aware of all the efforts you've made to achieve it.

Among other things you've done a lot of overtime at work and even had to give up certain whims in your day, but now you can buy whatever you want.

Remember that with your money you can do what you want, but neither should you reject the recommendations that can give you your closest relatives, who are concerned about your high standard of living.


You spend a lot of time locked up in four walls, possibly because of work. That's why when you have some free time you want to do different things, like go on a hike or take a trip to a remote place.

But you'll try to make it a secluded place where there aren't many people. You don't want to put up with the stress of traffic and pollution in the city.

You will walk and lead a very active life, where you will barely stop from the moment you get up. You may even end the day with aches and pains from so much exercise.