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Today it's important that you condescend to yourself. Accepting the shortcomings of others and developing compassion for the suffering of others is unproductive if not accompanied by greater condescension to yourself. You are an extraordinary person, Virgo, admit it.

Recognize it, and also recognize that you have many mistakes and that makes you special in your own way. You are a wonderful person because you are as you are, different, and your loved ones love you so.

Trying to change your character is fine. It's a long road of introspection to know yourself and change things you don't like about yourself. But that is as important as accepting that no one is perfect, and that you are an imperfectly beautiful person. 


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Plans for the desired business or capital increase are partially interrupted by external factors. The environmental conditions for Virgo financial economy are set back and the prospects for success are worryingly reduced.

However, it is not all bad news for this Thursday. In the middle of the week you receive a large sum of an unexpected sale or income, which will lead to a high of optimism.

As for work, you need to know how to combine intensity with rest, or you'll end up with shattered nerves and frustrated intentions. In order to be successful and enjoy good health, it is important to give your work and your body the necessary breaks.


Exercising the muscles is essential to keep the circulatory system active and allow it to carry blood to the muscles. It will also help you shake off laziness in the morning and clear your mind, and the best thing is that you don't need to pound yourself in the gym. 

Exercising from your workplace, walking a little in the morning or doing simple stretches at home can be a good alternative to strengthen your body.

In particular, the back and lower back area are especially vulnerable and sensitive to pain on this Thursday. Also the neck and cervical area can suffer from contractures and acute pain, so when performing exercises take into account to treat these areas.