Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 25

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You need to be prepared for defeat. You’re not always going to get everything you want. That person who you really like will reject any of your suggestions.

Don’t blame yourself for it, it’s just about an impossible relationship right now. This person is probably still recovering from an old relationship and might not want to suffer again. They only asked for time to think and being alone.

You will feel your heart aching during this time, it will take some time to heal the wounds. Right now you just can’t think of the future with illusion.

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If you’re ok with your job and your position, why are you thinking about leaving the company? You don’t have an excessively high salary, but at least you are valued by your bosses, they always are willing to help you when you need it.

You should really think carefully about the consequences of starting a new career somewhere else where you don’t know anybody and where you won’t fit the same with your new workmates.

If you’re paid more money, that’s because they will ask more from you. Are you really ready for this, Virgo?

Meanwhile, if you’re thinking about moving, you should start searching for a house. After some time saving you know you can find a better place. If you don’t have much time the best thing would be to contact a real estate agency.


A little noise, a slight pain or just the wrong position can wake you up at night. You won’t be able to rest well again, even if you try.

You will feel so tired you will be distracted from everything around you today. The only thing you can have in your mind is going back home and going to bed.

There is the possibility you can sleep for some minutes during the day, today, maybe when you’re using a public transport to go to work, or during lunchtime. But this will not help you rest at all. Don’t practice any sports, you’re not strong enough for this today.