Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 25

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Virgo's past sentimental life threatens to return to the present and break the balance achieved. One of the priorities for today is to always try to look to the future, strengthening the present with the positive things that life puts at your fingertips.

Those aspects of your life that you don't like can be transformed into something positive, Virgo, but you can't constantly use them to blame yourself or reinforce negative feelings.

Now is the time to look to the future with hope and optimism, forget the frustrations of the past and reinvent yourself in a new person to recover and move toward happiness.


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Good results at work will comfort you, and make you feel really satisfied. The effort is worth it, and you have achieved a more competitive professional profile that you have to maintain with tenacity. The best part of it all has to be learning. 

That's why it would be a mistake to accommodate yourself at this point, Virgo. The planets emit positive and expansive energy for a much more active search for potentialities. Now is the time to grow.

You go further in your ambitions, Virgo, trusting fully in your abilities to truly become successful. After a long time of patient waiting for this moment, the time has come to take the definitive step towards perfection.     


The worries of the day to day can generate during today some problems in your system of defenses, that already comes very diminished the last days. It is important, that you give your body the necessary rest, avoiding activity.

At certain times of the day the condition will be located in your throat, threatening to lead to a serious infection that can give you a high fever. Prevention is the best medicine in these cases.

Try to hydrate well and eat properly to strengthen your body. Mint tea with lemon and honey is a handy remedy that works very well, and eucalyptus and ginger are two natural disinfectants. You can also perform a ritual to cleanse bad energies.