Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 26

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Don’t you think it’s time for you to propose to your partner? You’ve been together for a while now and after all the things you’ve planned together you still haven’t found the moment to give them the ring.

If you wait any more time, your partner might get fed up with you and end up going with somebody else.

Virgo men are a little particular in love, they are very reserved and expectant to what other people do first.

Love, just like plants, must be taken care of every day, showing interest only when it’s convenient for you is not enough. Your partner might remind you of a time when you weren’t there for them after they had some minor health issue. Now you realize and you will try you best to change your partner’s mind about you.

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When there’s a shortage of money you will do anything possible to find it. You will try to find it anywhere, but won’t be lucky. You will have to learn to survive with what you have and, maybe, this will be a lesson for you.

You don’t feel valued at work. Your bosses don’t take into account your efforts to suggest new business ideas, or even make your ideas theirs, without giving you the right value for them.

It’s not a bad idea if you start looking for a future somewhere else. If you can’t find a job that suits you near your home, don’t hesitate and move. You will probably find more opportunities in another city or even another country. You just need to start looking for it.


Take your time to do things. Don’t let people give you deadlines, because probably you won’t be able to meet them and this will make you feel stressed and frustrated.

You will go out with your friends and the conversation will turn a bit tense, probably for some differences in thinking. However, you prefer to keep silent so that you don’t make enemies.

You want to go home with a clear conscience, after all you will try not to say anything to offend other people.

If some pimples appear on your hands and arms, don’t worry, it might be because of an allergy or even because of accumulated stress.