Virgo Daily Horoscope |




Pluto will affect your emotions, Virgo, you could have some concerns regarding your loved ones, including your partner.

Other people’s problems will keep you up at night and you will even feel worried that they might get hurt. You don’t want changes, but these will be unavoidable, and more if there is any day to day difficulty.

Some parents will have to watch their children closely, they have become too rebellious to be easy to understand.

If single, you will get close again to some ex-partner you lived a long story with. You believe that even if things didn’t work out back then, this doesn’t mean they couldn’t be better now that you know each other a bit better. This behaviour is a little bit naïve.

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Jupiter is the planet of conflict and it will generate a tense mood in your professional area. Numbers that don’t make sense, relevant obligations that nobody wants to face because it’s easier to cop-out.

Jupiter is also known to support brave initiatives, so if you’re witty enough you will be able to conquer a decent position, one worthy of your skills.

Of course, if you want this you will have to say goodbye to your fears, look to your future and walk firmly (but without arrogance).


The Magic Horoscope recommends controlling your timetable and your workout today, Monday 26th of August. Not an easy task!

Make additional efforts to move and have a more dynamic spirit. Use the energy within you and start the day with some abs and crunches. Your stomach will definitely look better, but your focus will improve during the day.

Take your time to study your agenda and schedule your obligations and duties properly. You can optimize some tasks if you put them together in the same block.

It will be crucial to finish one task at a time and never leave anything for later. Also, try to get used to going to sleep and waking up always at the same time, this will improve your metabolism, Virgo.