Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 26

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The complexity of your feelings can be an obstacle to the realization of a productive and happy day. However, you forget that this complexity is the key to finding the path to happiness: all you have to do is put your emotions in order and rationalize them.

As a good Virgo, uncontrolled feelings generate anguish, insecurity and panic. However, when you filter those emotions through your brain, you find the answer and are reassured.

All the problems that lurk in you right now, Virgo, have an explanation. It's time to look for the whys and wherefores of what's going on inside you and find the balance again.


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The intuitive and sagacious spirit of Virgo must put its frequency to the maximum to capture the signals that will arrive, from everywhere and in a generous way, to hit at work, in the economy and in finance. When your channels are blocked, you must follow your intuition.

In your day there will be occasions and opportunities that may go unnoticed if you do not awaken your sixth sense. These opportunities include some keys that can unlock your luck and your chances of success. But it underlies in the enigma, and you must decipher it.

Also, at work and in your immediate environment you will receive advice that can be very practical, if you know how to listen to others and take advantage of great ideas that you can use to your advantage.


In such an important month for the Virgo aesthetics, men born under this sign have an uncomfortable problem: dandruff. In addition to being somewhat embarrassing, it causes itching and you feel all day with self-esteem on the floor.

Dandruff appears when, in addition to greasiness in the scalp and sensitivity in the skin, a microbe appears that triggers the problem. Attention, because you can solve it by rubbing olive oil and letting it act all night long. The hair will grow strong and shiny.

Virgo women have more smooth abdominal skin than usual, which invites a daily abdominal session to lower the stomach and make you more attractive than ever.