Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 27

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Don’t believe those who come into your life with kind words. The only thing they want from you is to gain your trust so that you leave your partner. They are jealous of your relationship and try to harm what you have with your other half.

If the criticism comes from someone you trust, like a mother or a father, it’s different. In this case it will be difficult to oppose to them. You know they only wish you well and maybe they can see some aspects in your relationship that you aren’t able to appreciate.

Eventually, the only one who needs to make a decision is you, but you like to know other points of view first.

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You really wish to earn money and this can lead to you accept many types of jobs. You won’t turn down any opportunity, even if it means occupying your leisure time with work.

At first everything is going to be wonderful, but after some days you will start feeling really tired. Your body will ask you to lower the rhythm. You should worry about finding some minutes a day to rest.

You probably have some electronic device at home that doesn’t work anymore. Instead of buying a new one, why don’t you fix it? It’s worth spending a little money to fix the problem.


You can work out at home, you don’t need to go anywhere or spend money on a gym. You only need some milk cartons or water bottles instead of kettlebells. But you do need to implement new routines in your life, cycling could be a good option for you. Find out which is the best sport for you.

As for food, you’ve been eating too much fast food lately. Maybe it’s a good choice when you don’t have much time, but you can’t keep eating like this every day.

If you eat too much for lunch, try to balance it with some fruit and yoghurt for dinner. It’s a way for you to detox your organism.