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Virgo Daily Horoscope for December 28

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Virtual relationships and extravagant love affairs threaten to take too much of your energy that today could be used in a much more productive way to develop an emotional bond with a special person. You need to exteriorize your accumulated inner tensions.

Sharpen your attention on mistrust that naturally appears in you by activating your inner lie detector. There are people around you who are trying to take advantage of you emotionally.

If you are a single Virgo looking for love, focus your efforts on satisfying your own desires without worrying about what others think. Have a greater personality.

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An exceptional day for organizational and planning work, for tasks which require logical and mental ability, and for studies in general. Your mind will unleash its brilliance through intuition given by magical astral powers.

You’ll be illuminated not only with the gift of wisdom but also with the leadership skills. People will gather around you in admiration to ask for advice and inspiration. Your clear and visionary point of view might play a significant role in your work environment today.

You might lose some operations that will work against you, but you’ll easily make things right again and you’ll soon improve your finances with logical thinking and common sense.


The dark clouds, which were stuck in your head blocking awareness and intuition, will be lifted by the illumination. Now you have a privileged mental strength that can be guided in the best way for you.

In addition, the headaches will be disappearing and a well-being will come filling you with light and optimism. You will feel more eager than ever to do things and your head will work much faster to help you achieve them. Keep yourself busy and make your brain work.

It is important to be active and avoid sedentary lifestyle: apathy will bring your dark mood and organic weakness back. Fill the lungs with air, avoid closed spaces.

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