Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope




The position of three planets is blocking your ability to communicate, so try not to solve any basic problem at the moment, it doesn’t matter if they’re connected to your family or your partner.

Dialogue will be too difficult and there’s a high risk of having another argument. It’s alright if these issues are dealt with another day, the world won’t end because of this.

You will feel that love is not your main concern, you will leave things as they are and even if you have the wish to shine sometimes, you will just opt to cross your arms and do nothing about it.

If single, you will be more concerned about your professional life than your love life. But you’re not going to feel lonely nor depressed, Virgo.

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You will feel positive in the area of money. You will be full of optimism and will run away from the obstacles on your way (and won’t be very worried that it will be someone else dealing with them).

Success is the only option so you will find the strength within you to move forward in search of adventures and become the protagonist of many feats.

You won’t be as material as usual, you will consider some items to be useless or not essential and you will refuse to buy them.


You will get your vitality back after a slight decrease. Your health starts to be strong again and you will be able to participate in a series of activities without feeling tired. Doing some workouts is always a good idea, and much better if you can work your coordination and reflexes.

Watch out, you will receive some stimuli to embark on reckless actions, maybe extreme sports. The effect can be counterproductive so be very careful, Virgo. Something being exotic is not a good enough reason to take risks.

The Stars could offer opportunities to grow within, spiritually. You don’t need to visit a guru, you can just buy a handbook and do some exercises from home.