Virgo Daily Horoscope for January 29

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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The day offers a wonderful opportunity to open a new period in Virgo's love relationship, to leave behind all the obsessions that accompany your perspectives and rescue the purity of the feelings that bring you closer to a relationship of fullness and emotional richness.

Knowing how to properly communicate your needs, your desires, your dreams, your thoughts about the present and the future, is as important as knowing how to listen and understand the needs and desires of your partner. Only from this normalization will you be able to recover the love that is born from respect.

Also, today is the right day to put an end to that forbidden love that is upsetting you, and to opt definitively for the security of the love you are building.


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The situation in your working life demands that you reconsider your needs, that you reflect if you are really satisfied with the work you have or that you can evolve towards a profession that offers you everything you need to feel fulfilled.

Only through honest and sincere reflection on these issues will you be able to find the point of balance in your life, and face the changes that are necessary from courage and bravery.

For the development of the day is important that you continually strive to maintain the mood and joy, because a melancholic and passive attitude will only sink into that depressive state that threatens to make the day bitter.


The ailments return in the area of the mouth and the teeth, and this time with a more pronounced pain that requires the intervention of a specialist. Beyond the specific remedies you can use to relieve pain, it's time to scratch your pocket and go to the dentist, Virgo.

The health of your teeth requires special attention, as does the rest of your body. On Tuesday, Virgo should explore their body and try to listen to their signals, to confirm that everything is in order and eventually detect any anomaly.

Today you will be surrounded by people who can transmit microbes to you, so you must be more vigilant than ever and reinforce security measures to avoid contagion. Prevention will be essential.