Virgo Daily Horoscope for June 29

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Jupiter’s influence is going to affect you positively and will provide you a feeling of complicity with your partner.

You must insist a lot in order to seduce the person you love, no matter if you’re single or taken. This will become difficult, especially because the other person’s heart is hard as a stone and they don’t even seem to have feelings.

You will finally captivate this person by being sweet, delicate and with little details. In any case, don’t relax, this person will demand daily displays of love from you.

If you’re single, maybe you’re being too ambitious. You’re aiming for a very attractive person who is probably engaged. You follow what your eyes see and you don’t think of the consequences this might have. You need to forget about that impossible love.

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Get ready for a tense day at work, and not because of you. Your bosses demand better results from you every time and the working conditions haven’t improved much. There’s not a lot of employment in this area of expertise and they know you won’t have many opportunities in other companies.

Maybe that’s why you wish you were smart enough in the past, you regret not setting your professional life on a different path. Right now you can only see one option, which is packing and leaving to another city where you find more job offers.

In any case, giving up is not in your plans, that’s why you will continue studying.

Be careful with your belongings in public spaces, you could lose your wallet or some spare coins.


Try to take your doctor’s recommendations more seriously. Comply with the treatments strictly and take your medicines. No matter what you might hear, you can’t go a day without taking your pills.

If you haven’t completely healed your arm or leg surgery you’d better do some rehabilitation on your own. Do very basic exercises and, if necessary, check a professional to see which are the most suitable activities for you.