Magical Horoscope 7 | Magic Horoscope



Today Virgos will face some difficulty expressing their emotions, but they have other means at their disposal to show what the heart needs to let go off. Did you know that all flowers have a meaning and they can help you communicate many things?

White roses inspire innocence and purity while yellow ones symbolise friendship and joy. Red roses send a message of love and passion and purple stands for unity, prosperity and marriage.

In this original way and putting down your feelings in writing on a nice postcard you can express what you sometimes find difficult to say out loud.

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The flow of money is not in the stars for Virgo today and if at some point it does come along it will be only to corrupt your mind and further complicate the situation. You have to figure out a way to stay away from work as well as investments and business these days.

The workaholic Virgos have to make an effort to stick to breaks, enjoy other hobbies that they‘ve abandoned as a result of the lack of time. How about spending a few more days with the family before returning to work?

This time out in your affairs and investments will help you relativize and adopt a broader perspective that will serve in the long run.


Even if you´re not in a great place spiritually, your physical condition is in a good state, which can be further improved if you give your body the movement it requires. To let passivity take over you these days means limiting all the potential you currently have.

You´re in the right moment for physical exercise which will not only improve your condition and tone your muscles but also other aspects such as coordination. At the same time, it’s a perfect moment to quit your vices and bad habits once and for all.

Working out in the nature will also fill you with optimism and fresh air, and give you natural energy as a source of power to face the upcoming challenges.