Virgo Daily Horoscope for June 3

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Sometimes you feel you’re not meant to be in a relationship. Adapting to someone else’s needs is very difficult for you and you always try to implement your point of view without considering what others might think.

You end up feeling bored after a while with the same person and you miss that freedom that comes with single life. When this happens you have two options: you can be more creative in your relationship or you finish it. There are no more choices.

Right now you are compatible with other signs like Taurus and Capricorn.

Try to listen carefully to your closest friends. They might have been through a similar situation and they could give you useful advice.

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It’s important that you pay your debts and commitments once you have some money saved, you owe some money to a relative. If they don’t ask you this money back is because they love you and don’t want to hurt you. You’ll feel very relieved once you return this amount of money.

Use dialogue to solve any conflict that could happen at work. Listen to your workmates’ explanations and make a decision from there, it will probably be the correct one.

The influence of the stars will let you stay calm and prevent you from losing your temper, no matter how complicated it is. There will be provocations and inappropriate gestures that could annoy anybody.


You’ll start dieting once again, without asking a dietician. You think you’ll be less likely to fail when you try to shed those extra kilos. Stay away from fad diets and choose a healthy eating plan, fruits and vegetables should be the food of choice.

If you want to begin the day with energy, have a tea and some fruit. You should cut down progressively your coffee intake and anything else that alters your nerves. These drinks don’t benefit you at all, especially at night, when you find it difficult to sleep.