Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 30

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Those who have been through a breakup recently will have to deal with an uncomfortable situation today. You will meet an ex-partner in the street who seems to have got over your separation. You will see this person holding hands with someone else.

This will hurt you but you need to overcome this situation, your heart can’t keep suffering like this.

Cry if you feel like doing it, but do it in private. You don’t want anyone to be aware of your love failures. At this point you understand that going back with that person is impossible.

If you have been in a stable relationship for many years, you feel how routine is taking over. You always do the same and you’ve stopped improvising with your partner. Why don’t you surprise your loved one with a bouquet of roses?

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This last day of the month you must put your finances in order. You will have to ask for some money people owe you, they usually pay on time but they might have forgotten. A reminder is all they need.

When you are at work, you see how your bosses are becoming more and more demanding with you. The only thing they care about is earning as much as possible, regardless the well-being of their employees.

Don’t expect any word of support or acknowledgement, no matter how well you do your job.


Your sedentary lifestyle is not doing you any good. You feel rusty and slow, and getting up from bed is getting more difficult every day. Your ID reflects your real age, but you feel much, much older than you really are.

It’s time you begin to take anything related to exercise seriously. Stop using the lift and climb the stairs to your home several times a day.

As for those invitations, you don’t have to accept them all. Most of the times the food that is served is not healthy at all.