Virgo Daily Horoscope |




Your routine will bring you surprises this Friday before the weekend arrives. You will have meetings or romantic projects as audacious as exciting.

You will be carried away by the events and you will try the novelties that have come to you out of the blue. The opportunities you will have to be happy in love are real, but you must take the lead.

It will be an interesting day in general, your prestige will grow. Your creativity and the need to act in love will increase.

Pay more attention to your friends’ circle, someone is going through a tough time but you still don’t know about it.

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You will take on any challenge you have in front of you with tranquillity. Your nerves will be under control and your intellect will beat your visceral instincts.

This way you will find yourself in shape to deal with a new situation or at least evaluate the pros and the cons of a new job you will be suggested. Virgo, today you will consider everything with judgement and without annoying anyone, this way you will see which are the real lights on your horizon and which ones will go out.

Try to be generous with others when you are asked for some advice or a recommendation in a company where you have contacts. If we don’t help each other, we are lost, don’t you think?


No matter if it’s with your partner, with friends or on your own, try to experiment new things related to health such as new massage therapies or wraps with products you had never imagined (like chocolate).

The same goes for sports, you don’t need to lock yourself in the gym to use the stationary bike until your T-shirt ends up soaked in sweat.

Actually, the sports that put you in contact with animals (such as horse riding) will be totally healing for your mind and body.

Nothing can stop you, Virgo, you can break the isolation that has dominated you because of external situations. You accept other people’s love and your levels of harshness have gone down.