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Virgo Daily Horoscope for December 30

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You will feel the meekness of a broader perspective over your problems dawn on you as if you have suddenly developed a sixth sense that makes you see everything in a more comprehensive and lucid way. Take advantage of your visionary powers to fix certain relationships.

Deteriorating personal relationships are only a bump in the development of your relationships, which you have to address with a more farsighted vision on conflictive issues. In this way, admitting that you’re not always right will be a big step.

You have to learn how to be in control of a situation in order to feel more confident when dealing with it and to avoid being at the mercy of events, something that makes you feel insecure and causes unpredictable effects.

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There are unlimited opportunities waiting to be seized by a dynamic mind and an ambitious spirit like yours, but success and failure are their companions and you have to learn to how to celebrate victory as well as accept defeat.

A much more realistic and less innocent mind will help you withstand certain blows, which is necessary these days, when the stars predict exciting projects and hurtful setbacks for Virgos at work.

In terms of what others can give you, you have to lose the innocence with which you expect certain things. Not everybody comes with good intentions and deception can be painful.


The horoscope according to the stars continues to recommend an aura cleansing for the Virgo, in order to purify the soul and disperse the bad energy, which has accumulated in your magnetic field over the last days and has been trapped producing a negative effect on your body and mind.

To perform an aura cleansing you can use sea salt, running yourself a relaxing bath which will eliminate the stress. The purification can be achieved by other means such as incense, stones, music, reiki and yoga practice.

The important thing is to concentrate on the exercise of introspection, meditation or relaxation in order to connect with your inner self, your spirit and mind. This will help you achieve the balance that the current situation requires.


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