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Don’t you feel bad for a situation that didn’t work out as you expected in the past. Every now and then you look back and remember a person you used to love, but that love you felt was not corresponded. Now that person is living a happy life with a partner and there’s nothing you can do about it anymore.

It’s time to move on once and for all. Your friends will try to help by introducing other people to you. You don’t need to go crazy and start a candidates list, but remember you shouldn’t prevent yourself from meeting new people.

This time you won’t rush before taking any decision, you don’t want to be wrong when you fall in love.

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You don’t have a middle ground. Things are black or white for you. That’s why when you invest your money you tend to do it either in a business that involves a high risk, or the opposite, something safer where the loss possibilities are lower.

You will choose to stay quiet and listen to your bosses at work as they’ve got many things to tell you. Whenever you have doubts, it’s better to ask any questions you may have. If you don’t do it you will end up repeating the task twice and you can’t afford wasting too much of your time.

You knowmoney doesn’t grow on trees, so you’re not going to waste anything.


You end up really thirsty every time you eat out. You can tell a lot of salt is added to restaurant meals so that they are tastier.

Excess sodium consumption can lead to serious health issues, especially if you already have hypertension problems, or maybe water retention.

If you feel tired legs and feet you’ll benefit from a cold bath with ice. It might feel uncomfortable at first but with time you will end up getting used to low temperatures. Nevertheless, what is really important is how relieved you will feel after you try it.