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The end of this September will be delicate, Virgo. Your communication will create arguments and abysses in your love life.

However, you have powerful energy, your movements are full of quick emotions. You will let passion carry you away and this can lead you to be a player and forget what you already have at home. You love your other half, but you doubt your love will be forever. Do you even think about permanent stability?

There will be chances for single Virgo, you will go on some dates. The Stars push you to ask people out and go crazy, Virgo.

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You feel the need to get closer to those who could end up working with you and push away the ones who could steal your ideas or benefits. You will know where you can bet and you will make good choices to change things (for the better, of course).

Virgo, your ability to focus will be at its peak today, you will be able to focus on looking for a job if you’re unemployed right now or don’t have a permanent source of income.

Use this week that begins now to organize your schedule with productivity, leave your CV and call old contacts, use all the resources you have in your hands.


On the one hand, this Monday you want to have fun, experience pleasure and commit excesses. On the other hand, you want to look after yourself so that you can have a good physical condition in the future, so todayVirgo will end up having an inner debate regarding what you should do and what you can allow yourself to do.

You will be connected to the environment, you will worry about nature and will take part in essential environmental gestures. You will also learn other gestures you hadn’t even thought about in the past.

The media will talk about some disease that will make you worry, but you’re safe. Don’t pretend to be sicker than you really are.