Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 4

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You tend to get angry at everyone for no reason when things don’t work out as you hoped and because of this you will miss your friends’ phone calls on purpose or, if you answer, you will do so irritably.

There are many ways to show your discomfort without having to make your loved ones pay for it. We can say that sometimes you abuse other people’s patience.

However, it’s different when it comes to your partner’s friends. Your treatment with them is rather distant as you don’t find them particularly nice. There are many differences between you and if you haven’t been blunt with them at the moment is because you don’t want to disappoint your loved one.

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Some people can be quite tight-fisted when the moment to pay has arrived. They wait until the last second, until everybody has already paid for the drinks or items. And this is too frequent for a member of your family.

Set some limits  so people don’t abuse your generosity. In order to avoid uncomfortable situations you will end up paying just to check their reaction and you will see that they don’t even try to pay.

Whenever you can you try to help people who have less than you, even if you’re not made of gold, that’s why you will be interested in collaborating financially with some non-profit association. They will be thankful for this act of kindness.

You know you need more than luck to attract wealth, and you also know there’s a lot of effort behind your savings.


You are having a headache and you feel like it’s something normal as it’s not the first time it happens to you. It can be a problem caused by some sight problem or maybe your cervical.

Go to the chemist’s to get some painkiller to ease that discomfort.

You should also massage the area with your fingers, insist specially on the side that hurts. You will see an improvement very soon.

You will avoid very hot, crowded places. Noise is not going to do you any good.