Virgo Magic Horoscope 5
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This Friday you will feel somehow lost and you can have two very different reactions. You could either be particularly wise or, on the contrary, change your behaviour to a more fickle one, and this second reaction is very likely to happen if you’ve been single for a while.

Your free will remains intact and your choices will have different consequences that you should think about before you take a step forward.

Whenever something goes wrong your inner fragility will become apparent and you will feel very anxious. However, remember that as long as you take your time to analyse things with clarity, there won’t be any problem today, what’s more, it could even be solved.

You could experience a decrease in your libido if you’re in a relationship, you will have to make an effort in order not to get frustrated. Dialogue could reduce any misunderstanding, Virgo.

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Your finances are serene and calm, you can start the negotiations you feel like starting and continue them from next morning without a problem.

Don’t get obsessed with controlling every cent you make, Virgo. Let economy flow peacefully. Enjoy the pleasures in life and indulge (with moderation).

At some point you will feel like you don’t have enough time to enjoy your life, you know you have too much work according to your schedule. It’s time to slow down so that it doesn’t take its toll on your health. Organize your routine differently, it’s worth the effort.


Get rid of all the most delicate emotions, those that torment you such as the fear of hurting your loved ones or saying something inappropriate. You will also feel scared of silence, as you sometimes see it as a way of showing contempt.

You will be able to do it if you meditate in solitude, in a room of your home where you can find enough silence to contact with your inner Virgo.

Are you planning a getaway? Alone or with family, choose a natural space where nature is full of greenery, Virgo, and if you can find somewhere by the sea or a river, much better. Don’t let the worries from work ruin your leisure or your rest.