Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 5

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You’re so caught up in your business that you’re not even going to have time to call your partner in your free day. You have so many things in your head that there seems to be no room for love in it.

Think if people around you really deserve you treating them like that. You only know what you have when you lose it, they say…

If you don’t try and change this situation you can find yourself out in the street one day. You will take it as a joke first, but your partner doesn’t think it’s funny at all.

It’s possible that you’ve never paid attention to their needs when they were going through tough times.

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You know how to adapt to new times. If you’ve inherited a family business, new technologies will be implemented to the company. You can’t live in the past while you can see your competitors are advancing quickly.

If, on the other hand, you are unemployed, you can find a job related to your interests. Can you imagine yourself living on your passion for videogames, or traveling, or sports? Why don’t you investigate a little bit about the opportunities offered by these different fields?

It’s worth if you invest some money in this, maybe you can even have the change of creating a business. You will be surprised of how capable you can be of innovating if you really try to.


Every time you practice sports with someone else you do your best. Try exercising with people who’s got a better level than you, this is going to motivate you.

Resting time is as important as training. You can’t exercise every day, your muscles and your body need some recovery time after a workout and it’s during this resting time that your body assimilates all the exercise it has done.

You seem to be more and more aware of how important exercise can be for your body and your mind. Do you already know what is the best sport for you?