Virgo Daily Horoscope for September 5

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Your past can be your worst enemy at the beginning of this love story you’ve just started, you fear the repetition of those bad experiences that destroyed what seemed perfect to you.

If you want to enjoy a relationship you should ignore both your past and your partner’s, Virgo. Don’t compare yourself to their ex because there’s no need to go back to those old memories.

However, you must learn the lesson after every experience you live so that you don’t commit the same mistakes from the past.

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You will miss some workmates who are working on a different project right now. Why don’t you take your phone and call them to see how it’s going? You could arrange a colleagues meeting.

What’s more, nurturing contacts is always positive, selfishly speaking, you never know when you will need to ask for a favour, Virgo.

Think carefully if you need to spend a lot of money. Right now you’re going through a positive moment regarding economy (which is supposed to last for a long time). But everything in life can change so you shouldn’t spend all your money just because you expect to receive some income in the future.

The Stars advice you not to ask for loans just to treat yourself, not even to pay for some holidays. You’d better wait a little bit until you have some more savings.


Your senses are brilliant, you can even smell the clouds on your sky. The days are long in the best of senses, you have the chance to enjoy your life and make the most of your time.

Find some time to enjoy the sunlight when you finish working, let it fill you with the energy you’ve lost during the day.  Reduce your speed in order to enjoy these moments of sweet solitude.

You will learn to say no to what motivates you little or nothing. You will juggle your time to be in two places at the same time and you will revise your priorities in order to focus on your happiness without distractions.

Find new ways of resting, for example during your lunchtime. Why don’t you pack your food today and take it to the park and eat there after a walk instead of having lunch in front of the TV?