Virgo Daily Horoscope for May 6

Your Horoscope for Monday
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You will get away with some uncomfortable family situation. A book, a song, or maybe a friend’s comment can be the key that helps you find a solution to a negative situation. That’s why you should never close yourself to new experiences, the answer can be in the most unexpected place.

Maybe it’s time to leave behind those who have caused anxiety to you, being them toxic friends or old partners with whom you had no future. You’re willing to start your journey alone and you don’t want to carry any burden. You have decided to stop dragging this weight with you.

That’s why every time you meet people you will remain distant, you don’t want to deepen in your new relationships.

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Your professional life is fantastic, even if your pessimistic tendency makes you see the glass half empty. The new situations you encounter will let you open your mind and see the future with a new perspective.

This project you’ve put all your hopes in now belongs to someone else. It’s not in your hands anymore, but you will still try to make it happen anyway. You will find some obstacles in your way, but you will overcome them all.

Today is the perfect day to act as a leader and support those workmates who are feeling down. You will get the best of each of them even if their conditions at work are not the most appropriate to shine.


You need to start organizing your life, you can’t focus so much on your job that you forget about your favourite activities, such as sports and meeting with friends.

When you feel without energy, your body might be telling you to stop the rhythm and start taking it easy. Everything can wait except for your health, it’s the most important thing you have. All the efforts you’re making right now will have their consequences in the future.