Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 7

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You will go to a family meeting today. Your partner might not feel as comfortable as you do when surrounded by your loved ones. Your family are strangers to your partner and can feel left apart in some conversations.

As much as he or she tries, your partner doesn’t get to feel integrated in these meetings.

Maybe you should listen to your partner a little bit more and satisfy them with some of their hobbies. Your partner misses going for a walk, practicing sports or even meeting with friends. He or she has progressively stopped doing some of these things just to satisfy you.

Why don’t you plan a surprise like a trip somewhere romantic? Paris or Rome could be the perfect destination. Book before it’s too late!

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Your economy is growing again after a time of sacrifice where you had to deprive yourself of many things. Do you remember those tickets you wanted and couldn’t buy? Now you can finally get them.

Of course, you don’t have to splurge. You will start gaining back the lost time and you will purchase the items on your wish list little by little.

Something related to your household is becoming important. It’s probably something that broke or a reformation that was not part of your plans. You will freak out at first but you’ll calm down when you’re offered the option of paying in easy installments.


You need to get something off your chest and you should do it with someone you really trust. Don’t wait until you can’t hold it anymore as you will end up venting to someone you shouldn’t.

You will find comfort in chocolate and pastries when you’re feeling anxious, that means you will weight will be out of control. That’s why you need to spend more time out, somewhere away from bakeries or other shops where you can buy your sweets.

Take advantage of this day off to know new places that keep you entertained and where you can breathe fresh air.